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Connect MySQL with PDO

August 17th, 2014

Connection to MySQL using PDO library.

CREATE TABLE `paciente` (
  `paciente_rut` varchar(12) NOT NULL,
  `paciente_nombre` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  `paciente_apellidop` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  `paciente_apellidom` varchar(100) default NULL,
  `paciente_fono` varchar(50) default NULL,
  `paciente_direccion` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`paciente_rut`)

INSERT INTO `paciente` VALUES ('11111111-1', 'Pedro', 'Fuentes', 'García', NULL, 'Santiago');
INSERT INTO `paciente` VALUES ('22222222-2', 'Juan', 'Santana', 'Bustos', NULL, 'Santiago');
INSERT INTO `paciente` VALUES ('33333333-3', 'Carolina', 'Soto', 'Barra', NULL, 'Santiago');

Crypt with SHA1

August 9th, 2014

Method to crypt with SHA1

/// Crypt the string with SHA1
public static string EncriptarSHA1(string sCadena)
	System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1 sha1 = System.Security.Cryptography.SHA1Managed.Create();

	ASCIIEncoding encoding = new ASCIIEncoding();
	byte[] stream = null;
	StringBuilder codificada = new StringBuilder();
	stream = sha1.ComputeHash(encoding.GetBytes(sCadena));

	for (int i = 0; i < stream.Length; i++) codificada.AppendFormat("{0:x2}", stream[i]);
	return codificada.ToString();


January 1st, 2013


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Juan Garcés

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